Purchasing An Electric Hot Water System

1st Choice Hot Water are the experts for electric hot water systems in Brisbane and Australia wide. Our experienced team can help you find the ideal electric storage hot water system for your needs including supply and installation.

Electric storage hot water systems are the most common type of hot water heater and used by about half of Australian households. With their simplistic design and reliability, electric storage systems are suited to a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Electric hot water systems prices are generally much cheaper than other hot water services while they are also the easiest to install.

Electric storage hot water systems are available in a range of sizes depending on how much hot water your household needs. It works just like an electric kettle with a heating element inside the system. Hot water is kept at a consistent temperature in an insulated storage tank so it is ready as soon as you turn on the tap. As you use hot water, the tank is refilled and that cold water is heated to maintain a steady supply.

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Should I Choose An Electric Hot Water System?

When it comes to selecting the best hot water system, electric storage is relatively cheap to buy compared to options like natural gas storage, but more expensive to run. However, you can offset the cost of an electric hot water system by choosing off-peak storage units or solar PV panels. It will make your electric storage hot water system more energy efficient and still provide you with reliable hot water.

It is important to have the correct sized unit when purchasing an electric storage hot water system to ensure that you don’t run out of hot water. Systems that have been designed to run on off-peak electricity need a larger tank as the water is only heated overnight and has to last the entire day. However, you can also use a continuous flow hot water system as a booster for an electric storage system with a small tank.

Continuous flow systems are more expensive to buy and install, but save on energy costs as they only heat water as it is needed. This will help when there is a high demand on the limited capacity of your electric storage hot water system, such as using a shower and dishwasher at the same time. 

Consider the benefits of an electric storage hot water system or speak with the experienced team at 1st Choice Hot Water for all your hot water needs.

The good:

  • Reasonably inexpensive to purchase.
  • Can be offset with Solar Power.
  • You can save on installation costs if you’re replacing an existing electric hot water system of a similar size.
  • Save on running costs by using off peak tariffs to heat your water during low demand.

The not so good:

  • More likely to emit greenhouse gases compared to other units (if not running off a renewable energy source).
  • Off peak tariffs can sometimes increase your risk of running out of water during heavy use. Your water won’t be reheated until the next off peak time (Correct sizing is important).

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