About our hot water heat pumps

Harness energy from thin air! Air-sourced electric heat pumps absorb and transfer heat from the air to heat your water. It works much like a reverse refrigerator by transferring air heat into the water stored inside your heater.

With three times the efficiency of conventional water heaters, heat pumps can save you energy, money and reduce your CO2 emissions. You don’t need solar panels and the government offers generous rebates so they’re a particularly economical and renewable way to get hot water!

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The good:

  • Enjoy massive savings in running costs over the long term
  • Produces 3-5 times more renewable energy than electricity
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Easy to install – no roof space or panels needed
  • Generous rebates on installation and purchase costs available
  • Effective in low temperatures with an electric assist to keep water hot.

The not so good:

  • Not suitable for areas with consistently low temperatures
  • In cold climates, longer compressor run times can reduce unit life expectancy and boost energy consumption.

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