Henden 14kW Inverter Pool Heat Pump


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3 year compressor warranty
3 year parts warranty on all other components for domestic (non-commercial) installations.
25 year heat exchanger warranty

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Henden 14kW Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Henden pool heaters offer a range of energy-efficient and high-performance products, ideal for maintaining the perfect temperature in residential pools. The Henden 14kW Inverter Pool Heat Pump incorporates the latest inverter technology, providing efficient and quiet operation.

Choose the Henden Inverter Pool Pump suited to your pool

One notable product is the Henden 14kW Inverter Heat Pump. It features a full DC inverter compressor, an intuitive LED touch display, and uses environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant gas. The design includes noise-reducing fan blades and a UV-protected ABS corrosion-resistant casing, ensuring longevity and quiet operation​ ​.

Henden’s heat pumps are part of a broader range of pool products available from Reece, which includes automation systems, filters, pumps, and cleaners. Their pool automation app, Henden Control, allows for easy management of various pool components, enhancing user convenience​.

Harness the power of this high performing heat pump. Built with inverter technology for energy efficiency and designed for super quiet operation, this sleek and compact heat pump is perfect for Australian residential pools.


Built with full DC Inverter Compressor For quick heating and optimal performance when you need it. 1.  Quiet Operation For seamless integration into each residential space.
2.  Sleek Design Fits easily in any backyard space, whether it’s next to the pool or down the side of the house.
3.  Twisted Titanium Heat Exchanger Allows for optimal heat transfer and increased operating efficiency. Featuring a strong anti-corrosive coating, this heat exchanger works in all levels of water chemistry.
4.  Energy Efficient A performance-focused design using R32 refrigerant means energy savings for your customers, resulting in lower running costs.
5.  Wi-Fi Enabled Built-in Wi-Fi and app

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Heating Capacity (kWs)

14.0 Single Phase