Rheem 491315G7 315 Litre 3.6kw

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Rheem is Australia's largest manufacturer of water heaters supplying products in all major water heating market segments - Gas Storage, Electric Storage, Continuous Flow, Solar, Heat Pump, Heavy Duty and Commercial Water Heaters. Designed in Australia for the harshest Australian conditions, Rheem produces a range of Hot Water Systems for all temperature extremes from freezing to the hottest climate zones. Our ranges are supported by high quality genuine Rheem Spare Parts designed to maximise the performance and working life of our water heaters.  
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Rheem Model No: 491315G7

Designed and manufactured in Australia the Rheem 491315G7 Electric Water Heater is the ideal replacement for your old electric model.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy Like for Like replacement – common footprint and fitting locations to older model electric hot water system ensures an easy changeover
  • Dual handed fittings – provides installation flexibility
  • Commercial grade enamel – provides tougher, longer lasting finish than standard domestic enamels
  • Thicker sacrificial anode – provides additional protection for cylinder against water borne contaminants
  • Suitable for connection to lower cost tariffs – resulting in lower running costs
  • Manufactured in Australia

– Rheem 491315G7 series electric water heaters are built to last. 

The cylinder dome top has been redesigned to make it even stronger, making it better able to
withstand the effects of high temperature and pressure.


Rheem 250L – 400L electric water heaters are designed and manufactured by Rheem,
Australia’s No.1. This new and improved range of products replaces the existing 250L – 400L
Rheem ‘191’ series product range, and features The ‘REAL’ difference. These enhancements
combine to deliver maximum performance and reliability, backed by a 12 year cylinder warranty
and 75 years of local manufacturing experience.


– A thicker 27mm diameter (up from 21mm diameter) black cap anode is fitted as standard to Rheem 491/492 series electric water heaters. This provides more physical material to help protect the cylinder for longer.
Specialty blue cap anode models also feature a thicker 21mm diameter anode (up from 17mm diameter).


– A commercial grade, proprietary blend Class Y enamel provides the cylinder with a tough, durable coating.
It is both stronger and more durable than domestic grade Class X enamels, and being less soluble, will prolong the life of the water heater


– Rheem 250L – 400L products are made right here in Australia. Rheem is a committed Australian manufacturer, with a 50 strong team of local R&D engineers dedicated to providing the best products and knowhow gained from 75 years of local manufacturing


  • 12 Years on cylinder*
  • 1 Year labour on cylinder*
  • 1 Year parts & labour*

Additional information

Weight97 kg
Dimensions64.0 × 68.0 × 164.0 cm
Size by Litres

ECV Setting

Size by Kilowatts

TPR Setting

No. of People Off Peak Tariff

No. of People Continuous Tariff

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