Rinnai Infinity Enviro 26 Natural 60 Degree




Rinnai Infinity Enviro 26 Natural 60 Degree

Australia’s most efficient hot water system.

Perfect for 1-2 bathroom homes (1-3 in warmer climates) the eco-efficient Rinnai Infinity Enviro 26 Continuous Flow Hot Water System ensures you never run out of hot water again.

Using considerably less gas than a standard continuous flow hot water system, the unit only heats water when you turn a tap on, conserving energy and reducing household running costs. Coupled with an outstanding 7 star energy rating, the Rinnai Infinity 26 means you get superior comfort with a smaller carbon footprint.

Designed for easy domestic commissioning and installation, the slimline unit withstands tough Australian conditions and saves precious outdoor space. The Rinnai Infinity 26 Enviro also comes equipped with a host of features including built-in temperature control display, enhanced safety monitor and puretemp™ stability control.

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