Beat the heat this summer: Our 5 tips for choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home.

As we countdown to Christmas, the mercury is starting to rise in preparation for some serious heat these holidays. To keep your guests (and yourself!) cool and comfortable whatever the temperature, you can’t go past the latest air conditioner technologies.

But how do you know which air conditioner you need? Here’s our 5 top tips for picking the air conditioning solution that suits your room best.


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How to choose the right air conditioner for your home
  1. Calculate your wattage per square metre. Air conditioners generally need at least 120 watts per square metre to cool or warm at maximum efficiency. That means you’ll need to find a model that has the right capacity for the space it’s in. If you choose something that doesn’t quite meet your requisite capacity, your investment could end up causing you more money in energy bills or go up in smoke because you’ve put to much strain on it.
  2. Do you need to split? Split systems are the most effective home air conditioners types. They’re quieter, more powerful and more energy efficient – good news if you want to cool a really large room or your entire home. Many have extra features like WiFi, air ionisers and motion sensors to increase air quality and efficiency even further. Some will even sense whether there’s a human in the room and direct the air flow towards them.
  3. The Eco Solution. An inverter air conditioner is often kinder to the environment because you can set the temperature you want and a sensor varies the compressor speed to match. By contrast, conventional air conditioners are always working flat out 100% of the time. Inverters therefore deliver more consistent airflow, improved temperature regulation and increased energy efficiency.
  4. Open a window. If you’re after a more affordable solution and don’t mind losing part of your windows or wall in the name of feeling comfortable, window or wall air conditioners might be a worthy alternative to split systems air conditioners. You might want to custom make an insect guard if you opt for a window model though, because you’ll need to keep your window open at all times.
  5. Take it with you. If you’d prefer not to install something permanent or you’re living in rented accommodation, a portable air conditioner is your best bet. They’re not as effective but they cost a good deal less and they’ll keep you relatively cool in a pinch. They’re also great for moving from room to room so you stay comfortable wherever you are in your house.

Contemplating a new air conditioner this summer season?

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