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1st Choice Hot Water has over 40 years of industry experience providing gas hot water systems in Brisbane and across Australia. We stock a wide range of continuous flow and gas storage hot water systems. You can trust our professional service to help you find the perfect gas hot water system for your household.

Gas storage hot water systems work much the same way as electric storage models. A gas burner is located underneath the insulated storage tank which heats the water and keeps it at a consistent temperature for when you turn on the tap. Some gas hot water systems have a continuously burning pilot light which ignites the main burner while other models use electric ignition.

Gas hot water systems are highly efficient and come with great star ratings (4 or 5 stars). The best gas hot water systems in Australia come in indoor and outdoor models and can be made from stainless or vitreous enamel coated steel. You can also rest easy knowing that you can use multiple taps at once without any drop in mains pressure once your new gas hot water heater is installed.

Gas storage hot water systems can be supplied by either natural gas connections or LPG bottles. Natural gas is generally the more cost-effective and convenient option. LPG bottles need to be refilled and replaced so you could run out of hot water if the supply is exhausted. Natural gas provides a reliable energy source so you’ll never have to settle for cold showers.

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Should I Choose A Gas Storage Hot Water System?

Gas hot water system prices can seem higher during installation, but the cost will be less in the long term. The energy consumption of a gas system is more efficient compared to electric water heaters which will save on power bills. Unlike electricity, natural gas rates also don’t fluctuate throughout the day. Your gas storage hot water system will have the same running costs no matter when you need hot water.

Gas storage hot water systems are ideal for large families as they have a quick heat recovery time when you deplete your supply. They can heat more water to the required temperature in less time than a standard electric water heater. It means gas storage hot water systems can also have a smaller capacity tank while still providing enough hot water to meet your household’s needs.

Gas storage hot water systems are one of the most environmentally friendly options for hot water. Natural gas burns with a high energy content while producing low greenhouse emissions. You could also consider a continuous flow gas hot water system for even greater energy efficiency. Continuous flow systems only ignite as they are needed to instantaneously heat the water passing through them.

1st Choice Hot Water offers tailored advice and support when you’re looking to purchase a gas storage hot water system. Our expert team can help with every step of the process including supply and installation of your new gas water heater. Our gas hot water system prices are affordable so everyone can enjoy reliable hot water.

The good:

  • Save on long term running costs compared to electric storage.
  • Delivers hot water faster.
  • 5-star energy models available.
  • System delivers hot water at mains pressure.

The not so good:

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