When selecting tapware and accessories for your bathroom or kitchen, it’s important to consider both functionality and aesthetics to ensure that the fixtures complement your space and meet your practical needs. Here are some key points to consider for tapware and accessories:


  1. Types of Tapware:
    • Basin Mixers: Ideal for bathroom sinks, offering a single lever to control water flow and temperature.
    • Wall Mixers: Mounted on the wall, providing a clean and modern look for showers and bathtubs.
    • Shower Mixers: Specifically designed for showers, allowing easy control over water temperature and pressure.
    • Kitchen Mixers: Designed for kitchen sinks, often featuring a pull-out or pull-down sprayer for added convenience.
  2. Material:
    • Brass: Highly durable and resistant to corrosion, brass is a popular choice for tapware.
    • Stainless Steel: Known for its durability and sleek appearance, stainless steel is another excellent option.
    • ABS Plastic: Often used for more budget-friendly options, ABS plastic can still offer good durability and a variety of finishes.
  3. Finish:
    • Chrome: A classic and versatile finish that suits many styles.
    • Brushed Nickel: Offers a warm, sophisticated look and hides fingerprints well.
    • Matte Black: A modern and bold choice that can make a statement.
    • Brushed Gold: Adds a touch of luxury and elegance to the space.
  4. Features:
    • Water Efficiency: Look for tapware with a high WELS rating to ensure water efficiency.
    • Ease of Use: Consider features like swivel spouts, single-lever operation, and ergonomic designs.
    • Maintenance: Choose tapware with easy-to-clean finishes and accessible parts for maintenance.


  1. Towel Rails and Rings:
    • Available in various styles and finishes to match your tapware.
    • Consider heated towel rails for added luxury.
  2. Soap Dispensers and Dishes:
    • Wall-mounted or countertop options, in matching finishes to your tapware.
  3. Toilet Roll Holders:
    • Choose from simple designs to more decorative options to complement your bathroom decor.
  4. Shower Shelves and Caddies:
    • Provide storage solutions for shower essentials, available in finishes that match your tapware.
  5. Robe Hooks and Hangers:
    • Useful for hanging robes, towels, and other items, available in various styles and finishes.
  6. Mirror and Vanity Accessories:
    • Consider illuminated mirrors, magnifying mirrors, and coordinated vanity accessories for a cohesive look.