Hot Water Installation

What you need to know about a Hot Water Installation

At 1st Choice Hot Water we don’t make the decision of having your hot water system installed or replaced difficult at all. Don’t get caught up in the spin about gold , silver or any other type of installation. We only do one type of hot water installation, and that is the best one.

Why are we the best?

All of our installers are qualified plumbers & electricians. We don’t send out apprentices to install our systems like some other businesses. When checking around for an installer always check that they have a QBCC card similar to this

You can check for this licence at QBCC.

If it is an electric hot water system than you will also require a restricted electrical licence similar to this

If the electrical hot water system is not a straight disconnect and reconnect then these 2 licences are required

It Is Illegal To Do Electrical Work In Queensland Without A Licence

Electrical Licence Search

At 1st Choice Hot Water we have all of these required licences and can legally perform any hot water work. If you use an installer without these , you may void your warranty. Worse still, there is a very good chance that you will also void your house insurance

So what do you get when we install your hot water system?

At 1st Choice Hot Water we don’t try and fool you with bronze , silver and gold installations. We do not re-use old equipment either. Our installations are just simply the best. All equipment used is new and covered by manufacturers warranties. All valves are replaced as they are quite often as old as the system being replaced. Not replacing these valves could again affect your warranty and performance of the new unit. Be careful when comparing prices as many installers don’t do this. When it comes time to do the installation you will find that the price will change and you will be out of pocket. At 1st Choice Hot Water the quotation is firm. No surprises.

All our supplied and installed prices are for straight change overs – same location, same type of hot water and within 30k of our business at Meadowbrook.

For an electric or gas storage hot water installation

  1. The base is levelled and replaced if found deficient
  2. The non-return/ isolation valve is replaced*
  3. A pressure limiting valve is installed*
  4. A cold water expansion valve is fitted
  5. Brass fitting with filters are fitted to connect the inlet and outlet water to the tank
  6. A tempering valve is fitted to the outlet water with further water filters
  7. Thermal insulation is used to cover pipework, valves and fittings.
  8. A drain is run for expansion relief water

When the installation is completed

The installation is checked for any leaks and issues that do not comply to the manufacturers installation recommendations. Components are checked and adjusted. The electrical or gas installation is checked and tested. A gas certificate is issued or in the case of an electrical system, a test certificate is completed. The final piece of paperwork is the Form 4 for notifiable works which is sent to the QBCC. Copies of all these certificates are generally emailed to the customer.

The customer is familiarised with the new system. The operation and required maintenance is explained.

The retired system is disposed of along with any rubbish and debris accumulated during the installation.

Remember to make sure that you get a copy of the Form 4. Every hot water installation requires one. If you don’t get one or are given a reason why you don’t need one, then the installer probably doesn’t have the relevant licences shown above.