Purchasing an LPG (Propane) Hot Water System

1st Choice Hot Water are professional suppliers of LPG hot water systems for an energy efficient and reliable way to deliver hot water to your home.

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is one of the cleanest fuels available. LPG is safe, easy to transport and burns with a high energy content while producing low greenhouse emissions. It is more efficient and environmentally friendly than electricity which makes LPG an ideal energy source for hot water heaters.

LPG hot water systems are available as either storage tank or continuous flow models. Gas storage heating systems use a gas burner to maintain a tank of heated water so it is ready for household use. Continuous flow systems only ignite as they are needed to instantaneously heat the water passing through them.

LPG (also known as Propane) is generally supplied from bottles located on the premises. In newer areas, a very large tank may service the entire sub-division. LPG hot water systems are a great alternative for homes not connected to a natural gas supply so they can still enjoy all the benefits of gas water heaters.

Should I Choose An LPG Gas Hot Water System?

LPG hot water systems are often more expensive to buy with higher installation costs when compared to electric hot water systems, but will almost always be cheaper on a monthly basis. Electricity prices fluctuate based on the time of day. LPG can be used whenever you need hot water without affecting the running costs.

Not only will you save on energy bills with an LPG hot water system, you’ll also lower your carbon footprint. LPG systems produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to standard electric models without solar PV panels.

LPG hot water systems are generally installed outdoors to ensure proper ventilation, but can be stored indoors with a flue. You will need to refill or replace the bottle when the LPG is exhausted so the location you choose for your LPG hot water system should have easy access to avoid disruptions with your hot water service.

The benefits of an LPG hot water system may depend on how much hot water you and your family use every day. Refilling and replacing LPG gas bottles can become expensive if you need to do it too often. You could also end up running out of hot water completely if you don’t check on the LPG supply.

1st Choice Hot Water are the experts for LPG hot water systems throughout Australia. We have over 40 years of industry experience to offer tailored advice and support for every type of hot water system. Our dedicated team can help you decide if an LPG hot water system is best suited to your needs.

The good:

  • LPG is safe and portable.
  • Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than standard electric systems.
  • Can be used even when there is no access to natural gas supply.

The not so good:

  • Need to check LPG supply levels to avoid disruptions to hot water service.
  • Can become expensive if LPG bottles are replaced too often
  • Large storage tank can take up space.
  • Not as energy efficient as solar or continuous flow hot water.


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