Rheem 071428 Thermocouple




Rheem 071428 Thermocouple

071428 Thermocouple TS SIT 450mm

  1. Remove the Gas Control and Burner Assembly.
  2. Disconnect the thermocouple from the gas control.
  3. Using a flat blade screwdriver spread the spring clip retaining the thermocouple head into the pilot assembly bracket and withdraw the thermocouple from the bracket.
  4. Reassemble in the reverse order of above. Note: Due to the design of the bracket a TS thermocouple is the only type that can and must be fitted as a replacement.
  5. Relight the pilot. Lighting instructions are provided on the access door, follow the instructions carefully.
  6.  Turn gas control to setting noted in step 1 and refit access cover.