Rheem Hot Water System

Need a new hot water system? Rheem is Australia’s largest manufacturer of water heaters supplying products in all major water heating market segments – Gas Storage, Electric Storage, Continuous Flow, Solar, Heat Pump, Heavy Duty and Commercial Water Heaters. Designed in Australia for the harshest Australian conditions, Rheem produces a range of Hot Water Systems for all temperature extremes from freezing to the hottest climate zones. Our ranges are supported by high quality genuine Rheem Spare Parts designed to maximise the performance and working life of our water heaters.

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Benefits of Rheem Hot Water Systems

Rheem 50 Litre Electric Storage System

There are many reasons to choose a Rheem hot water system for your home or business. Rheem is a trusted name in the industry and has been providing quality hot water solutions for over 50 years. Rheem offers a wide range of hot water systems to suit any need, and their products are backed by a comprehensive warranty program. Rheem also offers a wide range of support services, so you can be sure that your hot water needs will be taken care of long into the future. Just some of the benefits of choosing a Rheem hot water system include:

  • Quality: Rheem is a trusted name in the industry, and has been providing quality hot water solutions for over 50 years.
  • Warranty: Rheem offers a comprehensive warranty program on their hot water systems, so you can be confident in your purchase.
  • Support: Rheem offers a wide range of support services, so you can be sure that your hot water needs will be taken care of.
  • Efficiency: Rheem hot water systems are designed for maximum efficiency, so you can save money on your energy bills.
  • Reliability: Rheem hot water systems are built to last, so you can be sure that your investment will pay off in the long run.

Rheem Gas Hot Water System Repairs & Installation

If you are looking for a quality hot water heater that will provide you with years of reliable service, then a Rheem system is a perfect choice. At 1st Choice Hot Water, we are an official Rheem service agent. We have a huge range of Rheem hot water systems available to buy online, and we also offer Rheem hot water system installation, repair and maintenance.

Rheem Electric Hot Water System Prices

Rheem offers a huge range of hot water unit models to suit different needs and budgets. Their product range includes Rheem electric hot water systems as well as gas hot water and solar water heaters, with prices starting at around $500 for small electric models and going up to around $2500 for larger capacity gas hot water and solar hot water models. Rheem also offers a range of accessories and spare parts for its hot water systems, including replacement Rheem hot water tanks, heating elements, thermostats, and valves. This is very handy if you ever need to replace parts in your old tank. At 1st Choice Hot Water, we are official Rheem service agents, and we get the most competitive prices on the market. We stock all of the latest and greatest Rheem water system models, along with prices that are suitable for varying family budgets.

We Install Rheem Hot Water Systems in Brisbane & South East Queensland

Rheem Solar Hot Water System

If you’re in need of a new hot water heater, or if you want to replace your old hot water system, you can’t go wrong with a Rheem. Rheem is one of the most trusted names when it comes to hot water systems, and our team are experts at having them installed. We’ll help you choose the right Rheem system for your needs, and our experienced technicians will ensure the system is installed quickly and efficiently. We’ll also provide you with a full warranty on both the product and our workmanship, so you can be confident in your new hot water heater.

Rheem Hot Water System FAQs

Is Rheem a good brand?

Rheem is a well-known brand that has been providing hot water units to the Australian public for over 50 years. While there are numerous companies on the market, Rheem is a dependable brand that has a diverse product range that meets various demands. Whether you want a Rheem gas hot water system, electric storage, or solar-powered system, Rheem has a model to fit your needs. They also offer a number of warranty options to ensure that your investment is safeguarded.

How long does a Rheem hot water system last?

Rheem systems are known to last for many years, which makes them a great investment for your home. When properly maintained, a Rheem hot water system can last up to 15 years. You can add years to the life of a Rheem hot water system if you have it serviced every 5 years.

Is Rheem made in Australia?

Rheem is an international company with manufacturing plants located around the world, including Australia. Rheem has been operating in Australia since 1939 and is committed to manufacturing high-quality products that meet the needs of Australian consumers and exceed their expectations. All Rheem hot water tanks are designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards, so you can rest assured that your hot water heater will be safe, efficient and effective.

What is the best cost-effective and energy-efficient water heater?

This all depends on how much space you have on your roof, how much energy you use, and whether you have access to natural gas. If natural gas is available at your home, a gas-boosted Rheem solar hot water system or a continuous flow system could be an energy efficient option. If you don’t have gas, a Rheem electric-boosted solar heater or a heat pump system could be the best choice. If you want to find out more about the best and most efficient hot water system for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

I don't have access to gas hot water and have limited roof space - what hot water options do I have?

You could be a good candidate for a heat pump hot water heater. Heat pumps are similar to solar panels, however they do not require roof collectors. They extract and enhance the warmth in the air around using refrigerant vapour compression technology. This warmth is then used to create hot water.

Can solar power be used on a cloudy day or in inclement weather?

Yes. Rheem solar water heaters include a gas or electric boost feature, allowing you to have hot water even when it's cloudy outside. An alternative to solar is a heat pump system, which can operate without the sun. To discuss whether solar is suitable for your home and location, just give us a call.

What should I do to keep my Rheem hot water system in good working order?

You should do basic maintenance on your system, as indicated in the Rheem hot water owners handbook. If your hot water system is having issues, do not attempt to fix it yourself - this could prove dangerous and cause damage to your system. We recommend that you have your system serviced by a licenced technician at least once every 5 years - and that you contact a repair person as soon as you notice a problem. At 1st Choice Hot Water, we offer Rheem hot water system repairs and maintenance.

We Can Install Your Rheem Hot Water System for the Best Price on the Market

If you’re looking for a Rheem hot water system for the best price available, you have come to the right place. We have a huge selection of Rheem hot water systems to suit all budgets and household needs and are also here to provide installation, repairs, replacements and ongoing support as and when you need it. For more information about Rheem hot water tanks, don’t hesitate to contact us for honest advice, excellent service and a free quote. We know you want the best hot water service possible – because who doesn’t love instant hot showers? – and we’re here to make it happen. Whether you need to repair your old system or remove it and install a new one, we’re your 1st choice.