Dux 135DC5 Prodigy 135Litre Gas Storage



  • 10 year cylinder warranty
  • 1 Year cylinder labour
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components for domestic (non-commercial) installations.


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Dux 135DC5 Prodigy 135Litre Gas Storage



Dux 135DC5 Prodigy 135Litre Gas Storage hot water systems give you full mains pressure with a constant, strong stream of hot water.

If you’re looking to replace an existing gas storage water heater, Dux Prodigy is an ideal solution. The range consists of both 4 and 5 star models that feature identical dimensions as each other and older 3 star models.This allows easy replacement with higher efficiency models.

The Dux 135DC5 range has been improved with larger, more efficient burner technology. Add this to our insulated, high quality tank, and the result is improved recovery times and increased hot water delivery. The Dux 5 star range has a smaller footprint than other 5 star units, allowing easy replacement of older systems.

  • Easy installation, with water connections on both sides of the tank
  • Patented flue damper design reduces heat loss
  • New burner technology means faster recovery rates and more hot water when you need it
  • Identical footprint with existing 3 star gas storage unit, ensuring easy replacement
  • Mains pressure hot water
  • Inline foam filled provides better insulation and a more robust design
  • No power point required for the Dux 135DC5  so hot water continues, even with no power
  • Operates on a standard size gas line
  • Suitable for 4-7 people
  • Also available in 170L model
  • Available in both natural gas and propane
  • 10 years tank warranty, 1 year parts and labour*
  • Dux 135DC5 Prodigy 135Litre Gas Storage is made in Australia


Dux also warrants against failure of the storage tank for a period 10 Years. During this period Dux will provide a replacement water heater free of charge. Installation and other labour costs after 12 months are the  responsibility of the owner.

The Dux 135DC5 Prodigy 135Litre Gas Storage warranty only applies to the water heater itself and the components supplied with the water heater by Dux. The warranty does not cover components supplied by others, including the installer.

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Weight 73 kg
Dimensions 42.2 × 50.2 × 160.0 cm

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