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Stiebel Eltron DHE18AU

The DHE18AU instant water heater  deliver hot water with precision. Comfort is the number one priority as the DHE18AU and DHE27AU deliver hot water exactly to the degree. Utilising 4i Technology, the intelligent fully-electronic water heater compensates for fluctuations in pressure and temperature, and using its series of sensors it precisely regulates the hot water output. This ensures that you get your requested hot water temperature to the degree. The fully-electronic design also saves up to 30% water and energy compared to older style hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heaters.

The DHE AU water heaters have a multifunctional display so that efficiency is visible at all times. The display shows the temperature selection and flow rate and will automatically light up green when indicating the appliance is operating at a high level of efficiency. Perhaps best of all the DHE AU water heaters are compact in size and therefore ideal for installations where space is a premium.

1. How do I know if I have 3 phase power available at my property?

Contact your local energy provider and inform them of your address. They will be able to let you know if you have 3 phase power available at your address.

2. I have 3 phase power at my property, can I install a DHE instant hot water system?

You will need to check with your electrician to find out how much 3 phase power is available in “Amps per phase”. The DHE18AU water heater requires 27 Amps per phase, whereas the DHE27AU requires 40 Amps per phase.

3. I have a 3 phase electric instantaneous unit I want to replace, what STIEBEL ELTRON system should I select?

You will need to confirm the amperage supply to the hot water unit from the circuit breaker in the switchboard. Please contact us to confirm the appropriate instantaneous electric hot water system.

4. What size instantaneous electric water heater do I need for my apartment or house?

As a general rule the instant hot water system required will be based on the number of hot water outlets the hot water system needs to service, along with the incoming cold water temperature. As a general guide in an apartment/house with 1 bathroom a 19.4kW three-phase electric instantaneous water heater (e.g. DHE18AU, DEL 18 AU or DHB-E 18 AU) is suitable. In a house with 2 bathrooms, a 28-29.1kW three-phase electric instantaneous water heater (e.g. DHE27AU, DEL 27 AU or DHB-E 27 AU) should be selected.

5. How can I tell if I have a DHE18AU or a DHE27AU?

Underneath the dial that adjusts the temperature there is a flap that pulls forward and then drops down. A rating label is located up under the flap showing the model and size – DHE18AU or DHE27AU. Within the downloads section of the DHE you can download a pdf showing you exactly where and how to locate this sticker.

6. What hot water temperature can the DHE AU water heaters deliver?

The DHE18AU and DHE27AU can deliver hot water at 60°C. If supplying hot water for a domestic bathroom, the plumbing regulations require the installation of a temperature control device to supply water not exceeding 50°C. Alternatively, the STIEBEL ELTRON DEL AU instantaneous electric water heater may be a suitable choice which delivers hot water not exceeding 50°C in accordance with AS3498. Click on the DEL AU product to find out more.

7. Where can the DHE AU instant hot water system be installed?

The water heater can be installed almost anywhere due to its compact size. The water heater does not require ventilation, relief drain or safe trays so it can be installed in a cupboard, in the roof space, below the sink, in a service cavity, in a Euro laundry just to name a few options. If installing outdoors, the hot water system must be protected from the elements by a protective covering such as a meter box.

8. I have an old DHE 21 electric instantaneous water heater but cannot see this model on this website anymore. Can I replace this model?

This DHE 21 is no longer available and has been replaced by the DHE 18 AU three phase electric instantaneous water heater.

9. How far can the water heater be installed from the hot water outlet?

The DHE AU water heaters are designed to be installed as close as practical to the most used hot water outlet. Installing closer to the point of use can help to save water and energy by delivering hot water quickly to the outlet. The STIEBEL ELTRON 3 phase electric instantaneous water heaters are designed to service multiple outlets located several metres away from the system.

10. How efficient is an instantaneous electric water heater compared to an electric storage hot water system?

Compared to a storage hot water unit an electric instantaneous water heater can be up to 30% more efficient. This is due to the water heater not storing any hot water and not incuring heat losses from storing a body of hot water.

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