Rheem 850265 130 Litre Nat Gas


10 year warranty on the cylinder *.
1 years labour warranty on the cylinder *
1 year parts and labour on all other components*

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Rheem 850265 130 Litre Nat Gas

The Rheem 850265 130 Litre Nat Gas is an affordable gas hot water option for medium to large families. The Rheem 5 Star Gas 265 features 5 Star efficiency and mains pressure delivery so you can run hot water from multiple taps at the same time
  • Money saving — 5 Star gas energy efficiency helps save on gas bills
  • Mains pressure — for hot water from multiple taps at the same time
  • Strong 145L per hour hot water recovery — no long waits between showers
  • Natural gas models available
  • Made in Australia
  • Strong recovery – to have you back in hot water fast • 275L first hour capacity of hot water
  • Compact size – 490mm diameter
  • Two anodes
Mains pressure gas storage water heaters deliver hot water instantly, as they keep a generous quantity stored hot and ready for your use. As they are at mains pressure, you can be sure of a strong flow of hot water, and the ability to service multiple showers or hot water needs at once. A choice of 4 and 5 Star models, in a range of capacities means thereis a model for every budget and family. And should you ever run short, Rheem’s high recovery models will have you back in hot water fast.
Purchase, Installation and Running costs:
• Gas Storage systems are a relatively inexpensive solution to your hot water needs. There is a Rheem model to suit just about every budget. If replacing an existing gas unit, there is probably a Rheem model which can simply be installed in the same space.
• Higher efficiency Gas Storage water heaters cost less to run. As a guide, every extra energy-rating star represents approx 7% less gas usage, which means savings in energy bills. Capacity
• Gas Storage water heaters are rated by their storage capacity and also their “recovery rate”. This is the quantity that can be fully reheated in one hour; the higher this rate the faster you can be back in hot water.
  • 10 year on cylinder warranty*
  • 1 year labour warranty on cylinder*
  • 1 year parts & labour warranty on all other components, for domestic (non-commercial) installations*

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