1000kpa 3/4″ T&PR Valve



1000kpa 3/4″ T&PR Valve

20mm 1000KPA HTE715/717 Extension

Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve

Never fit a T&PR valve with a rating higher than that indicated on the water heater rating plate. Do not use reconditioned T&PR valves.

1. Partially drain the water heater (refer to “Draining the Water Heater” on page 29).
2. Remove the drain line from the T&PR valve.
3. Unscrew the T&PR valve and remove.
4. Confirm the replacement T&PR valve is the correct rating and refit using thread tape. 5. Refit the drain line.

6. Close the hot tap and restore water supply.
7. Check T&PR valve thread for leaks.
8. Operate the T&PR valve lever to reset relief drain. 9. Purge air from the system through hot taps. 10.Restore the power supply to the water heater.