AVG Quickie Kit QIK15RCV Raised


Everything needed to plumb a hot water system quickly



AVG Quickie Kit QIK15RCV Raised

AVG Quickie Kit QIK15RCV Raised 15mm Storage Unit Standard Tempering & Nri-Prv Valve
Includes 3 Way hot water outlet, Cold water inlet elbow, 4 Way cross compression & loose nut, Brass plug to cap off 4 way tee if no ECV expansion control valve used, NRI-PRV-15C Non return pressure reduction isolation valve, TVA15C Standard Tempering valve, Valve insulation.

Everything you need in the one box – No missing parts on the job
Quick and Simple
Reduces the need for thread seal tape
Reduces the time on installations
Simple and & Easy to Assemble
Easily accessible filters
Insulation provided is UV stabilized and water resistant

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