Rinnai EHF50S 50Litre Electric Storage


Indoor Use Only
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Rinnai EHF50S 50Litre Electric Storage

Typically the Hotflo EHF50S36 Electric Storage 50Litre under benches or in cupboards The Rinnai small capacity electric units are designed to fit into the tightest spaces. This units is ideally suited to situations where there is a limited demand for hot water. Such places would include Canteens, Kitchens, Apartments and Offices.

The unit is generally not suited to off peak tariffs due to the relatively small capacity of the storage tank. The 50 Litre electric water heater is designed to serve 2 people at the most. If you are washing clothes and dishes, and showering in a row it would not be difficult to consume the hot water. You may consider using a larger element which will improve the recovery time to reheat the hot water system. If you are trying to serve 2 or more people in a residence, consider purchase a larger capacity unit and connecting it to an off peak tariff. Rinnai have a large range of electric hot water systems ranging from 25-400 Litres.

  • Vitreous Enamel lined steel tank for added durability
  • Inbuilt anode protection extends the life of the tank
  • Dual handed, allows increased flexibility during installation
  • Perfect for under bench applications
  • Pressure temperature relief valve included
  • Suitable for internal use only
  • Thermostatically controlled with safety temperature shut off for added peace of mind
  • Available with plug or without


Electrical Supply

AC 240V 50 Hz

Tank Diameter


Heating Elements Available (kW)

1.8 / 2.4 / 3.6 (25 and 50L without plug only)

Weight Empty (kg)


Overall Height


Outlet Height


Inlet Height


Electrical Connection Height


Relief Valve Setting (kPa)


Expansion Control Valve Setting


With Expansion Control Valve


Without Expansion Control Valve


Water Connections

RP 3/4 20mm

Ingress Protection Rating (AS1939)


Rated Capacity (Litres)


Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 41.5 × 69.4 cm
Size by Litres

Type of System

Energy Source


Element Size

Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Weight -kg

Manufacturers Warranty

ECV Setting

TPR Setting

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