Tempering Valve HPS & Insulation 15mm

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Tempering valves are a safe, simple and economical solution to providing warm water for personal hygiene and bathing in domestic mains pressure water heater installations.

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Tempering Valve HPS & Insulation 15mm

Tempering Valve HPS & Insulation 15mm is suitable for solar + instantaneous hot water systems


Designed for solar applications and instantaneous heaters (PLEASE NOTE: Only the High Performance (orange cap) valves are suitable for solar applications.)
TVA15CHP valves can also be used in all water heater applications as per TVA installation instructions.

  • Have been upgraded to include high-temperature components
  • Maximum hot water supply temperature 99°C
  • More accurate control: ± 3°C from set temperature (to AS4032.2)
  • Fast response to pressure fluctuations
  • Cast DR brass body
  • Advanced polymers for greater resistance to calcium deposits
  • Integral 60 mesh stainless steel line strainers
  • Integral non return valves
  • Stainless steel springs
  • O-ring seal union connectors
  • Tamper proof adjustment
  • Special adjusting tool supplied
  • Seasonal adjustments not required
  • Will supply 50°C mix with 55°C hot supply
Size and Dimensions
Size: 15mm
Size Options: 15mm & 20mm
Product Warranty: 2 Years

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