SEIMA Oros 620 Single Bowl Arqstone Sink

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SEIMA Oros 620 Single Bowl Arqstone Sink

SEIMA Oros 620 Single Bowl Arqstone Sink: Engineered stone, strong and durable.

  • Arqstone sink — Engineered stone — Strong, durable, natural Arqstone sinks, made in Europe from natural quartz, are extremely tough and resistant to high temperatures, scratching and stains. The high density stone surface is easy to clean and the smooth finish ensures a high level of hygiene.
  • − Square lines, smooth finish, made from pure natural quartz aggregate
  • − Designed for abovemount installation, can be undermounted
  • − Exceptionally strong and durable − Deep, large capacity bowl, easy to clean corners, 10mm radii
  • − Stainless steel basket waste
  • Order codes
    191984 Oros 620 – White, 1 taphole
    191985 Oros 620 – White, 3 tapholes
    191986 Oros 620 – White, no taphole
    191987 Oros 620 – Black, 1 taphole
    191988 Oros 620 – Black, 3 tapholes
    191989 Oros 620 – Black, no taphole
  • Product details
    COLOURS Available in Arqstone white and black
    TAPHOLES 0, 1 or 3 tapholes
    OVERFLOW Integrated overflow
    WASTE 90 mm stainless steel basket waste
    SIZE 560 x 370 mm, 240 mm deep, rim 30 mm
    CAPACITY 34 litres capacity to overflow exit point

Note: Arqstone sinks come standard with a stainless steel basket waste and overflow plate. The colour waste and overflow plate are supplied separately, to replace the standard items


Please note − All measurements are in millimetres. − Stone sinks – Dimensions are subject to normal manufacturing variations of ±3mm. − Always use the actual product to verify cutout. − Use silicone sealant. Do not use epoxy type adhesives. − Specifications may vary without notice as part of our continuous improvement practices.