Storage Hot Water Installation Kit 850kpa

$195.00 inc. GST



This kit can be used to install most Electric and Gas storage units fitted with an 850kpa cold water expansion valve (ECV).


The kit consist of the following:

  1. 1- Check & Isolation Valve
  2. 1-850kpa Expansion Valve
  3. 1- Tempering Valve C/W Insulation
  4. 1- 500kpa Pressure limiting Valve
  5. 2-Brass Compression Tees (Nylon Olive) 15C x 15C x 15C
  6. 1 -Brass Compression Tee (Nylon Olive) 15C x 15C x 15FI
  7. 3- Brass Compression Unions (Nylon Olive) 15C x 15MI
  8. 2- Brass Compression Elbows (Nylon Olive) 15C x 20MI
  9. 2- Pipe Insulation Solar 13 ID 13WT x 2 Metre