How Do You Tell If Your Hot Water System is Going Out

As your hot water unit begins to age, you could begin to notice a few symptoms that indicate that it will need to be replaced. The good news is that a newer model will, most likely, be more energy efficient than your old system, which will save you in utility costs. Most hot water systems will last about a decade, and you can find out when it was manufactured from the tag on the manufacturer sticker on the heater. 

Here are a few common signs of a failing hot water system:

Strange Noises

Typical noises from a failing hot water system include popping, banging, or an echo. These sounds generally indicate that sediment has built up within the system. Your tank will take longer to heat the water, which will increase your utility bills.

Water Around the System

If water is leaking from your tank (and not the connections), replace your system as soon as possible. Since metal expands when it is heated, the leak is likely to increase if not dealt with properly.

Brown/Rust-Coloured Water

If your cold water is clear, but your hot water is a rust-colour, it is due to either your system or your hot water pipes. To determine which is failing, run your hot water for a while. If the liquid clears, it is most likely your pipes. If not, it is a good sign that your system is failing and should be replaced soon. The cause of the brown water is due to corrosion. If ignored, you could end up with a damaging leak.

Are Hot Water Systems Covered by Insurance?

There are two situations in which insurance may cover the price (or part of the price) of a new hot water heater. If it is covered, it is typically located on your Home and Contents Insurance policy. The first is in the event the hot water system is damaged, the second is for an environmental upgrade.

Insurance Replacement Due to System Damage

If your hot water system suddenly bursts or begins to leak or discharge liquid, your Home and Contents insurance may help cover the price of a new system. Check your policy or call your insurance adjuster for clarification. Keep any receipts or technician notes handy in case you need to file a claim.

Insurance Upgrade for Environmental Purposes

As Australian residents continue to be more environmentally-conscious, some insurance companies are happy to help cover the price of an upgraded hot water system. If your insurance does cover upgrades, it is typically to a solar system. Call your insurance provider and ask them what your policy covers. 

You might also qualify for a government grant to help you cover the cost of a solar hot water system.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Hot Water System?

The cost it would take to replace your hot water system would depend on the type and size of the system. Here are the things that would influence the replacement cost:

  • The system itself
  • Additional plumbing materials if you have chosen to relocate where your system will sit
  • Labour costs

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