Heat Pump Hot Water System for Free

Heat Pump Hot Water System for Free

As is the case very year, 1st Choice Hot Water rewards one lucky customer with a free hot water system.  Tami from Queensland wins the largest value prize ever given away. Tami had a Rheem 325 Litre heat pump hot water system installed because it is a great way  to save money on hot water running costs. Now Tami is saving even more money with a free hot water system valued at over $3000.

1st Choice Hot Water Winner
Tami wins Rheem heat Pump Hot Water from 1st Choice Hot Water

The Rheem integrated heat pump as with most heat pumps , substantially saves hot water running costs. A heat pump uses as little as 30% of the energy required to run a conventional electric storage system. Tami’s decision to install a 325 Litre heat pump hot water system, is perfect for her home of five. Tami is a very busy, hard working mum. The last thing she wants to think about is hot water. With a mineworker husband and 3 children on the go, reliable inexpensive hot water is very important. The Rheem heat pump is perfect.

1st Choice Hot Water Heat Pump Winner

Tami first came to us because her hot water power bill needed to be reduced. After having a Rheem electric storage unit for many years, it was an easy decision to stay with the Rheem range of water heaters.

The heat pump hot water system is an easy choice because of the many advantages.


The Rheem heater installed on the 18 hour off peak tariff  (Tarrif 33) is a further saving to the running costs as recommended by the manufacturer.


Further peace of mind is that it carries a Rheem 5 year warranty.

The smile on Tami’s face says it all.  Reliable and inexpensive hot water and now a free heat pump hot water system.

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