052193 Pactrol P25 Control Module

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052193 Pactrol P25 Control Module

Pactrol ignition module is a direct replacement for White Rodgers

All Models (except 631275 manufactured from 01/04/05): As of September 2015 all heavy duty gas storage models (except 631275 manufactured from 01/04/05) will be fitted with a Pactrol P25 ‘F’ HSI AMV ignition module, part number 052193.
This Pactrol ignition module is a direct replacement for the White Rodgers 50A72-298 module and will be supplied as a spare part to suit any existing HD gas storage model (except 631275 models manufactured from 01/04/05).
Note: The Pactrol P25 module is mounted in an identical manner to the White Rodgers module and no adjustments are required to be made in order to retro-fit the Pactrol in place of an existing White Rodgers module. However when fitting a Pactrol module into an existing 621275 & 622275 heater the viewing window in the heater front cover will be obstructed by the new Pactrol module therefore it is advisable to replace the front cover (part number 108335) along with Pactrol module in 621275 heaters produced before 18/09/15.
The modified features of the Pactrol P25 module compared to the White Rodgers are:
 The Pactrol P25 module does not display specific fault codes for fault conditions.
 2 ignition retries (a total of 3 attempts), with a 5-minute delay between each attempt.
 Gas valve circuit check – module will enter ‘lockout’ mode if a resistance is not detected through the gas valve circuit. NOTE: On 631275 models if the lower access door is removed the door switch breaks the gas valve circuit which will result in a lockout condition.
 No check of igniter circuit is conducted. If igniter is open circuit the module will progress through sequence of operation and will lockout after 3 ignition attempts.
 Volatile memory. Turning the power off and on at the power point will reset both models of ignition module. A reset button is also fitted on the ignition module.