Rheem Ambipower MDc-180 Heat Pump



  • 7 years cylinder supply*
  • 3 years cylinder labour*
  • 3 years sealed system supply and labour
  • 1 year parts supply and labour

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Installation Available Brisbane Area Only



Rheem Ambipower MDc-180 Heat Pump

Rheem Ambipower MDc-180 Heat Pump

The Rheem Ambipower MDc-180 Heat Pump is an energy-efficient alternative to small to medium electric water heaters, particularly useful in areas where traditional solar water heaters are not suitable. This heat pump offers a reliable, efficient, and sustainable solution for reducing water heating energy consumption, as it does not rely on direct sunlight.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Heating Technology: Utilizes advanced wrap-around microchannel heating technology for uniform and faster water heating.
  • Cold Climate Suitability: Operates efficiently in a wide range of temperatures, from -7°C to +43°C, making it ideal for cold climates.
  • Harsh Water Conditions: Designed to handle harsh water conditions effectively.
  • Energy Savings: Can save up to 70% on water heating energy consumption compared to an electric water heater in Zone 3.
  • Powerful Boost Element: Equipped with a 2.4 kW back-up element for additional heating power when needed.
  • User-Friendly Display: Features a touch screen LED display for easy operation.
  • Incentives: Eligible for Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and may qualify for additional incentives in some states.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 7-year cylinder warranty.
  • Capacity: Suitable for households with 1 to 3 people.

The Rheem Ambipower Heat Pump stands out as a powerful and efficient heat pump with a high Coefficient of Performance, ensuring powerful boost elements and rapid hot water recovery. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a sustainable and cost-effective water heating solution.

For more information or to determine if the Rheem Ambipower  is the right fit for your home, please contact our customer service team.


Installation available in Brisbane

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