Rheem Ambiheat HDc-270 Heat Pump

$4,400.00 $3,629.00


  • 7 years cylinder supply*
  • 3 years cylinder labour*
  • 3 years sealed system supply and labour
  • 1 year parts supply and labour
  • Australian Made

Free Delivery To most metro areas of Australia

Installation Available Brisbane Area Only

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Rheem Ambiheat HDc-270 Heat Pump

Introducing the Rheem Ambiheat 55127005 Heat Pump, a cutting-edge 270L capacity heat pump designed as a smart, energy-saving option for locations where a traditional solar water heater may not be practical.
The Ambiheat harnesses heat from the air around it, eliminating the need for direct sunlight to heat your water. This innovative system offers a dependable, efficient, and eco-friendly solution to lower your water heating energy consumption.
Featuring advanced microchannel heating technology that wraps around for even and rapid water heating, it is ideal for cold climates with an operational range from -5°C to higher ambient temperatures.



The Rheem AMBIHEAT HDc-270 Heat Pumps offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for heating water. These pumps utilize the warmth from the air around them to heat water, resulting in lower energy consumption compared to electric water heaters.

They operate consistently throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions, as there is always heat available in the atmosphere to be harnessed. This heat pump serves as a practical and efficient alternative to traditional solar water heaters in areas where they may not be feasible.

By using the ambient air temperature to heat water, this system offers a dependable, effective, and sustainable way to reduce energy usage for water heating.

A Heat Pump operates continuously by drawing heat from the air around it, functioning independently of sunlight for its operation.

• Advanced wrap around microchannel heating technology allows the Rheem AMBIHEAT HDc-270 Heat Pump provide uniform and faster water heating

microchannel heating technology
• Suitable for cold climates with an operating range from -5°C to higher ambient temperatures

• Suitable for harsh water conditions
• Save up to 68% on your water heating energy consumption compared to an electric water heater in Zone 3
• High recovery rate for fast heating and 2.4kW back-up element
• User-friendly touch screen LED display
• Eligible for Government Incentives
• 7 year cylinder warranty *
• Suitable for 2 to 5 people



• No need for solar collectors – perfect where roof space is limited
• Can use the same connections as an electric water heater
• Ideal upgrade from a standard electric water heater
• Vitreous Enamel lined tank • Saves energy compared to an electric water heater
• Includes a back-up element, delivering hot water, for the coldest winter nights

Installation available in Brisbane

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