Rheem 191025 25Litre Electric Storage



  • (Manufactured by Rheem)
  • 7 year cylinder warranty
  • 3 Year cylinder labour
  • 1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components for domestic (non-commercial) installations.

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To most metro areas of Australia

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Rheem 191025 25Litre Electric Storage

New Rheem 191025 is the smallest 25L delivery model available – smaller than others. Ideal for restricted space installations where delivery is a priority.

Features & Benefits:

  • The SMALLEST 25L delivery model
  • Just 430mm high (others are 440mm + ) & 400mm diameter
  • Suitable for restricted space installations
  • Hot water delivery of 25L
  • Dual handed for easier installation
  • Available in 2.4kW, 2.4kW with plug and lead, 3.6kW ratings


  • 7 years cylinder warranty*
  • 3 years labour warranty on the cylinder*
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour warranty on all other components for Domestic (non_Commercial) installations*

Rheem electric storage water heaters store hot water in the
tank ready for immediate use. These products rely on an
electric element(s), which is controlled by a thermostat, to heat

Larger model Rheem electric water heaters are ideal for use
with low cost off-peak electricity, and are available in a range
of capacities to suit most needs.

The mains pressure advantage ensures full pressure to multiple
outlets all at the same time

Off-peak tariffs offer lower cost electricity that is only available
during specific times, typically during the night or outside peak
usage periods. These tariffs normally reserved for larger water
heater models that provide enough stored hot water for daily
use. Generally, two types of off peak tariffs are available.
8 Hour night rate – 250L – 400L (lowest rate available) and
16 hour ‘extended’ rate – 160L – 400L

‘Time of Use’ (TOU) tariffs provide power to the water heater
24 hours per day, but different rates apply at different times
of day i.e. rates are higher for using electricity during peak
hours, and less for electricity used during the ‘Shoulder period’
and overnight. Water heaters connected to TOU tariff should
use a timer ensuring operation during the lowest cost heating

Continuous tariff electricity makes power available to heat
the water 24 hours per day. A smaller tank can often be used
on this tariff but the running costs will be higher. The price is
typically a flat rate.
Compare various water heater running costs online or speak to your
energy retailer for tariff details.


Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 42 cm
Size by Litres

Energy Source

Type of System


Element Size

Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)

Weight -kg

Manufacturers Warranty

ECV Setting

TPR Setting

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